mark moore

Current collection shot. Photo: Sam Crawford

Marc Moore is the Creative/ Design Director and one of the founders (along with Dan Gosling and Luke Harwood) of New Zealand label Stolen Girlfriends Club (SGFC). This uber cool cult label is expanding rapidly, with stockists in fourteen countries and a full ladies, men’s, jewellery and accessories collection. Moore talks to arts interview about stress in the fashion scene and the future for SGFC.

Interview by Alex Bellemore

Can you tell us about SGFC and about your own background?

I came from competitive surfing, got old (too old for competitive surfing), so started working for one of my sponsors on the marketing side of things, I also started helping out on the design side.  I started painting in my spare time and had an art show called Stolen Girlfriends Club; the show was a success and everyone loved the name.  We started thinking about making tee-shirts – ones we couldn’t find in the market, so started a small line of tee’s, jeans and jewellery and called it Stolen Girlfriends Club because everyone loved the art show title. Boom, here I am seven years later (still making tee-shirts).

Do you think that fashion is one of the more stressful creative pursuits?

Yes definitely.  Fashion moves so fast, you have to keep up with it otherwise you risk stagnation.  So there is constant stress- not being able to sit still.

What are the broad stress factors of working within fashion?

Production lead-times – getting your product designed in time for shows, and getting bulk product made in time for store deliveries.

How do you balance the realities of running as a business whilst maintaining creative integrity?

We have to apply a ratio/percentage to all the collections we do now, to maintain enough commerciality to sustain our business. We work on around 20% more forward/directional product- this product works well for editorial / fashion shoots. Then we have the core part of the collection which is around 60% of the range, this product is true to brand, wearable yet still cool! The bottom 20% is semi-basic product- accessible in wearability and also price.  This ratio generally will ensure we can sell enough product to survive but also keep the fashion media happy with novel product for their magazines.

What do you do to relax?

I go surfing.  It’s hard to stay stressed when you’re in the water.

What is the future for SGFC?

We are in the process of setting up our own retail store in Auckland which is exciting.  If you’re ever in the neighbourhood please stop by and say hello, it will be our very first retail venture. We are also working on our new Winter 13 collection to release at New Zealand Fashion Week in September; I always get excited to show the collection on the catwalk, we get to show everyone what we have been working on.

I have been talking to the artists Kozyndan from LA about collaborating on our next Summer range which will be amazing- fabric prints like you’ve never seen!  I also have an upcoming collaboration with a musician from the US which I am excited about.  I can’t say anything more – I don’t want to jinx it!