In September 2013 Australia’s new art fair, Sydney Contemporary will launch.  Francesca Valmorbida is the Art Fair Director of Sydney Contemporary and gave up some of her time to share her thoughts with arts interview. Sydney Contemporary will be held at Carriageworks, 20th – 22nd September 2013.

Interview by Leanne Rich

What does Sydney Contemporary do?

Sydney Contemporary is Australia’s newest art fair presenting modern and contemporary artwork including painting, sculpture, new media, photography and performance from leading Australian and international galleries. Essentially, it is a commercial platform for outstanding visual art; an event that brings together artists, gallerists, new and established collectors, and people who are generally interested in visual art – whether they are a seasoned collector or first time buyer.

What is your role within Sydney Contemporary?

As Director, my role is to collaborate, plan and deliver an art fair that everyone wants to be a part of. I work with a broad range of people – colleagues, contractors, selection committee members, ambassadors, institutions, corporations, sponsors, curators, art lovers, collectors and of course gallery owners – it’s exciting.

You have been involved in art events all over Australia, how do the states compare in promoting the local and international art industries?

Each Australian state is unique with its own personality and cultural focus. Sydney has not yet hosted a high end art fair and we have some fabulous art galleries, both public and private. As a new art fair, we will be primarily concerned with educating local audiences as to the role of a fair, and international audiences as to the richness of Sydney’s cultural scene.

How does Australia become an international contender in the art scene?

Australia is an international contender and we should perhaps stop questioning this and enjoy the abundance of talent we have on offer.

What strategy are you using to engage the Asia Pacific Regions?

Sydney Contemporary is open to applications from all new and established galleries who present excellent work by modern or contemporary artists. We welcome applications from commercial galleries across the Asia Pacific and beyond with a consistent history of exhibition. Sydney Contemporary is a dynamic event that has been developed to international standards and is exciting and enticing international galleries.

How would you like to see the future unfold for the arts sector in Australia?

Ideally, I would like to see Australians revel in the breadth of the arts available in this country and regularly attend the many cultural events, performances and exhibitions that surround them. Many public, and all commercial, galleries are free to enter, and I would like to see Australians take more time to drop in to local galleries for example, and to experience the work of some inspiring artists first hand. Online has its place, but there is nothing like seeing an artwork in the flesh.